A dance concert for 6 dancers and one musician.

BIOMASHUP is a dance concert for 6 dancers and one musician. Directed by Cristian Duarte, the work invites us to an exercise of permanent perception of a space resonating kinetics fictions. The dancers, as dynamic forces, provide their dance archives, producing a field of contamination and regeneration by the different possibilities and intensities not exhausted by historical time. Live, the musician Tom Monteiro, together with the Russian instrument Theremin - one of the first electronic instruments to be invented, and one of the few that can be played without physical contact – anounces from the first second the work ethics: to build a movement that is body without being of the body. (Katz, 2014)

Biomashup premiered at Casa do Povo in August 2014. In the same year was awarded
the following prizes: APCA (São Paulo Art’s Critic Assossiation) for Dance Research and
Prêmio Denilto Gomes for Dance Creation.

The fabulous desire to invent the action that gives life to the fireflies community called perception.

BIOMASHUP is a tale about the movement. Imagery by nature, opens its curtains as men open their eyelids. Hungry, chews flashes of dust, horizon, band, road-movie, science fiction.

Bewitched by a fantastic journey, space is site that makes available all its affection, aggression and nostalgia for this concert. It is wave that amazes the misfortune of judgments, and sky that carries a full fog of devices in fires. Round like Utopia should be, where it is unknown front, back, top, bottom and sides, time fattens and meditates the sound that the Russian coins around the proximity sensors.
Fearless in repeating what is needed, BIOMASHUP bounces in quizas and stutters a multiplier language of failure, in favor for the right of the form to disappear. Win, thus, the feeling that, stimulated by architecture, makes the viewer lose the frame and win the palate.

To accept this invitation is to establish, together with life, the delightful experience in contemplating the brightness that only spray of lights allow to taste. To fool the eye is to allow men to desire the impossible immaterial. And how well would Salvador Dalí say, to contemplate is thinking.

“With Biomashup, the second of two performances that Brazilian dance artist Cristian Duarte presented at the Singapore International Festival of Arts' pre-festival season The O.P.E.N, he has proven himself to be a master of bodily investigation.Biomashup, like his other work, The Hot One Hundred Choreographers, was a study of the workings of the body. But unlike Hot One Hundred which related the body directly to the politics of memory, Biomashup was an exercise of visceral purity, framing the body for what it plainly was - a physical entity.”
Lee Mun Wai, The Straits Times, Singapore

"A rare combination of density and beauty [that] inaugurates a way of saying the particular and the common in the body."

"The different knowledge stabilized in the body of each of the six excellent performers are shown not as their possessions and not binding them to their personal pronouns. The way that each step takes appears as a design (as in drawing, as in design art, as in destination), in other words, it goes simply happening as a motor organization essential for the body to dance. This way of despoiling is able to mix the whole (life) and the private (personal history)."
Helena Katz, Caderno 2/O Estado de São São Paulo

"Biomashup, result of the third edition of the residency project Lote# proves the consistency and fertility of this research directed by Cristian Duarte since 2011. Conceived in a historic site of São Paulo, Casa do Povo, the work promotes a game of resignifications - of space, of movement, of time - setting with the audience a dynamic that stimulates sensory perception in incessant and shared rhythm."
Ana Francisca Ponzio, Prêmio APCA 2014/Revista APCA

Concept, Creation and Direction Cristian Duarte Dance and Creation Alexandre Magno, Aline Bonamin, Clarice Lima, Felipe Stocco, Leandro Berton, Patricia Árabe and Tom Monteiro Music design for theremin Tom Monteiro Light Design André Boll Costumes Daniel Lie Photography Haroldo Saboia Graphic Design Renan Costa Lima Artistic Consulting Bruno Levorin Executive Production Daniel Cordova With the Support of artistic residency LOTE#3, 15th Programa de Fomento à Dança held by Municipal Cultural Department from the city of São Paulo, Casa do Povo Co-production Festival Panorama 2014 Support for the first phase (2013) Itaú Cultural Dance Program Rumos 2012/14 Thanks to residents of LOTE#123

crítica OESP, Caderno 2, Helena Katz, 17/08/2014
Singapore review, The Straits Times Lee Mun Wai
biomashup by haroldo saboia