DONOTOPEN is provisional
is a set
is temporary
is stretching
is emphasizing
is accommodating
is discomforting
is addressing
is requesting
is not dangerous

DONOTOPEN is a case of material I’ve been working on for a new creation to be premiered in the fall 2006. “whatapostrophes wrong question mark” is the working title (to be pronounced “what’s wrong?”), it has been conceived together with dance maker Shani Granot (IL) and performer Peter Fol (BE) and it is in collaboration with Nada Gambier (FIN) and Alice Evermore (USA).

The preview DONOTOPEN is an invitation to look at objects and people as temporary zones, giving special attention to simple actions, where expectation, anxiety and boredom are generated out of an ordinary situation.

development and creation:
Cristian Duarte (BR), Shani Granot (IL), Peter Fol (BE), Nada Gambier(FIN) and Alice Evermore (USA).

with the support of:
Bomba Suicida/Lisbon