Médelei - eu sou brasileiro (etc) e não existo nunca

"The insight organization of the materials constituting Médelei... should begin to be seen already from its title, which exposes, with the kind of humor that guides all the work, what it is about. The English word transliteration medley to médelei opens wide the operation of 'Brazilianization' as a matter (both, the one that the foreigner makes of Brazilian dance, and the one we practice within Brazil, among us), and it delivers with an odd competency."

Helena Katz, dance critic, O Estado de São Paulo newspaper, Caderno 2, November 16, 2006.

The show takes as its starting point the slogan 'I am Brazilian and I never give up' of the advertising campaign for the government and broadcast on Brazilian television in 2004. The group questions the moralistic emotional appeal contained in that slogan and the very notion of nationalism, proposing to discuss the notorious idea of ​​the body as support. For this, challenges the cast to exercise their adaptability to different cultural references at the same speed with which exchange radio station. And challenges the audience to consolidate a sense of "being Brazilian" within the 60 minutes of the show.

concept and direction: Cristian Duarte
creation and performance: Sheila Arêas, Cristian Duarte, Tarina Quelho, Eros Valério
lighting: André Boll
soundtrack research and editing: Cristian Duarte
live music: Tarina Quelho
costumes: the group
photography: Roger Ortiz
advice: Fabiana Britto Dultra
Dora Leão, Platôproduções, Thelma Bonavita, Estúdio and Cia. Nova Dança
Support in 2006: Balé da Cidade de São Paulo, Estúdio Odisseia e Estúdio Nova Dança, Prêmio Estímulo de Dança – 2005 da Secretaria de Estado da Cultura – Governo do Estado de São Paulo e Prêmio Funarte Petrobras de Fomento à Dança – Lei de Incentivo à Cultura – Governo Federal.
support 2016-2017: Lote, Casa do Povo and 21º Edição do Programa Municipal de Fomento à Dança para a cidade de São Paulo.
cristian duarte em companhia

photography: Rogério Ortiz