IT’S SO GOOD is about appropriation and manipulation of actions and ideas. It is about sexualization as a currency.
It’s so good is so plastic, it’s so empty.
Like in Andy Warhol’s line: “I'm afraid that if you look at a thing long enough, it loses all of its meaning.”

And, if vision is taken as tactile, and touching as a distant gaze and form as a metaphorical speech, I’m afraid we’ll find ambivalence and it will hopefully allow other perceptions to take place and doubt to emerge as a critical experience.

Creation and direction: Cristian Duarte
Creation and performance: Transitions 09...Amy Knauff, Ian Dolan, Ryan O'Neill, Lisa Rowley, David Ogle, Chandelle Allen, Tom Picken, Stephanie Hodgson, Ben, Tara Silverstone.
Sound editing: Cristian D.
Light design: Fay Patterson
Costume design: Susan Kulkarni

IT'S SO GOOD is a commission of Laban Center for Transitions Dance Company 2009, London/UK.

Thanks to: David W., Lisa S., Martin A., Thiago G., Alva N., Donna S., Thelma B., Andy W., D. Jackson, G. Candy, Justice, David. L., PCDolls and the dancers for their openness, patience and commitment.